Terms & Conditions – AluConsult

This document describes the terms and conditions for engaging AluConsult in consulting, work and advisory on anodized aluminum. By accepting AluConsults services – for a concrete project or via voucher – you agree to these terms and conditions.

About AluConsult

AluConsult is a consultancy and educational company which helps anodizers, OEM’s, product developers etc. making their anodizing process or process of buying anodized aluminum parts better and more efficient.

AluConsult / Anne Deacon Juhl

Albøgevej 16
8570 Trustrup

Danish CVR: 21833584

General terms

AluConsult only does business with other businesses. Therefore, local Danish VAT is added to prices (25%). 

On AnodizingSchool, an educational platform for anodizers, OEM’s, product developers etc. can buy access to e-learning and courses both through their company or as a private person. Here, all prices are including VAT and taxes. 


AluConsult or its partners can not be held accountable or liable for either direct or indirect losses as a consequence of our work or consultancy. 

As a customer you have the responsibility to make sure that my council is in agreement with local laws and regulations in your country and industry and that AluConsults advice is right to follow for you and your company. 

Terms for consultancy and work on pre-paid vouchers

AluConsult offers customers vouchers for a number of hours which gives you flexibility to get advice and help with a discount. There are certain terms for your use of these services: 

  1. A voucher contains a certain amount of hours. It is pre-paid and allows you to get flexible consultancy with a discount. Work with AluConsult can begin after the voucher is paid.



  2. A “clip” on your voucher is 15 minutes. This means you can get flexible help for questions that may arise along the way without having to pay for an entire hour of consultancy.



  3. When you buy a voucher for consultancy you get a login to your own customer hub. Here you can always track the timespend and which work I’ve done for you.



  4. The term “work” consists of: Research, preparation, meetings, phone calls, e-mail, transportation time, calculations etc. that is a direct result of your questions or wishes for help with anodizing or anodized aluminum. All work will be added to your voucher.


  5. Consultancy and work which can be done within two hours can be solved within 48 hours on weekdays. It is a condition that you are available for questions if this is necessary for the solution of your challenge or problem.



  6. The term of being able to help you within 48 hours on workdays does not apply if I am on vacation or attending private mattersll. I will get back to you at the earliest  opportunity. As a voucher customer you can always get information about my schedule.



  7. Consultancy and meetings can be done both online via Teams or at your physical location. For on-location meetings there are certain conditions:



    • If the on-location consultancy/meeting requires more than 3 hours of travel for me, you will need to book the meeting at least one month in advance.


    • Booking physical meetings you will receive a separate bill for my travel expenses. You will pay for travel time through your voucher.


  8. Vouchers come with a use before-date. I will contact you before this date is reached if you have time left on your voucher and haven’t booked time for consultancy or work. It is not possible to be refunded for unused consultancy time on vouchers or to hand over vouchers to other persons or companies.

    Use before-dates are as follows:



    • 5 hours – expires after 12 months
    • 10 hours – expires after 12 months 
    • 20 hours – expires after 12 months
    • 25 hours – expires after 12 months
    • 30 hours – expires after 12 months


  9. Cancellations of meetings, workshops etc. can take place until 24 hours before the start of our meeting if the meeting is scheduled for less than three hours. Is the meeting scheduled for more than three hours, you will need to cancel the appointment a week in advance.

    If you cancel or change our meeting later than that, the scheduled time will be taken from your voucher. 

Terms for consultancy and work on a project basis

AluConsult offers consultancy on anodizing and anodized aluminum on a project basis. 

The terms and conditions will be determined in a contract for each project.