Learn about anodizing at your own pace, get insights and be more efficient – and improve and secure your anodizing line for the future

Anodizing Training
For ambitious and passionate anodizers

– beginners or experienced professionals

In 2020, AluConsult launched AnodizingSchool as a new learning community for anodizers and professionals working with anodizers.

The first online school for anodizing in the world!

In Anodizing Masterclass you find all of Anne Deacon Juhl’s expertise in one place.

This Anodizing Training helps you:

  • Increase the quality and consistency of your anodizing process
  • Make your anodizing process more cost-efficient and sustainable
  • Improve delivery time and reliability
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The full-fledged Masterclass takes you gently and thoroughly through each step of the anodizing process:

From knowledge about corrosion of aluminum, aluminum and its alloys, handling, racking and pretreatment over the actual anodizing step – to rinsing, coloring, sealing, equipment and waste treatment.

Anodizing Masterclass is a great place to begin your anodizing journey – and a great place for experienced anodizers to zoom in on the areas where they can improve their process.

Learn more or get access here.

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Module 2 of Anodizing Masterclass

Right now, you get module 2 of Anodizing Masterclass without paying a single cent when you sign up here.

The module teaches you the fundamentals of anodizing and what happens during the process.

Meet your instructor

Get 25 years of Anodizing experience in one online course (and avoid all the common pitfalls)

Hi, I am Anne Deacon Juhl and I have a PhD in anodizing and 25 years of experience in the industry.

Therefore, I understand the common mistakes, pitfalls and challenges most anodizers face – whether they are completely new to anodizing or experienced. 

At AnodizingSchool I transform my practical and theoretical knowledge into actionable steps that will improve your anodizing line today.

My mission is to bring the better-than-best practice based on scientific research and hands-on practice into your aluminum business.

Check out AnodizingSchool here.

Other students have asked…

I want to enter Anodizing Masterclass, but don’t have a PayPal account. What to do?

No worries! Send me an e-mail at [email protected].

I’ll send you an invoice which you can pay via bank transfer. Once the invoice is gone through, I give you access to the masterclass.

There are more people at my company who want to enroll. Can we use the same access?

The access to Anodizing Masterclass is personal and cannot be shared between individuals. 

But of course you get a discount when investing in more than one access to Anodizing Masterclass. 

Send me an email at [email protected] with info about how many accesses you want. I’ll come back with a reasonable offer. 

I don’t need the whole masterclass. Can I buy single modules instead?

Yes! We are continuously releasing the Masterclass as single modules. It helps you, if you want to focus on and optimize a certain area of your anodizing only.

Right now you can get access to these modules as single module investments: 

Racking & Pretreatment

Learn how to avoid corrosion, patchy surfaces and discoloration because of poor or wrong handling, racking and pretreatment.

Aluminum Anodizing Equipment

Get an overview of the equipment you need to have to create an oxide layer on aluminum – and what is nice to have.

Anodizing Type II in Sulfuric Acid

Dive deep into the anodizing tank and learn all the quirks, fallpits and how to’s about Sulfuric Acid Anodizing. 

Anodizing Test and Quality Assurance

In this module you’ll learn how to ensure consistent quality and property of your anodized parts and must-do in-house testing methods.

Write an email to [email protected] and ask about the specific module you wish to get access to.

Contact AnodizingSchool

Any questions about e-learning?

Reach out to Anne or AnodizingSchool:

AnodizingSchool: [email protected] 

Anne Deacon Juhl: [email protected] 

Phone: +45 24 23 91 45

Website: www.anodizingschool.com