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Color Anodizing: A Less Daunting Challenge Than Perceived

Do you still prefer paint instead of colored #anodizing because you worry about color variations?  

In my latest article for Light Metal Age, I prove to you that getting the right colored anodized surface for your #aluminum product is not as impossible as you think! 

👉 Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide that aims to make color anodizing less daunting and more accessible for manufacturers. 

🔍 Key Takeaways: 

– Understand why painted surfaces are less durable and environmentally unfriendly compared to anodized finishes. 

– Learn how precise control of parameters like temperature, immersion time, and concentration can lead to consistent color development. 

– Discover the impact of alloying elements and sealing processes on the final color of anodized parts.  

📚 The article also includes a case study that delves into the root cause of a yellowish hue appearing on aluminum panels used for building façades. 

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